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"Writing in an utterly unaffected tone and bringing a resonant universality to her musings, she invites readers to come along, whether she is being impressed by the bold business sense of Mother Cabrini, moving through the sacred space that holds the cloak of Our Lady of Guadalupe, or meeting the mystical at Medjugorje. Different religions notwithstanding, most readers will be all in for this journey—learning, enjoying, and pondering in equal measure."

Booklist, May 2019


“Faith is a journey, and as Mary Lea Carroll shows in her delightful, insightful book, that journey can be both external and internal all at once.” 

— Rick Hamlin, executive editor of Guideposts and author of Pray for Me 

"What would it mean to live with the faith of a saint—either on a grand scale or in our own modest lives? With the effortless, heartfelt wit of Annie Lamott, Mary Lea Carroll whisks us along on a series of lively, serendipitous pilgrimages that leave us laughing, amazed, and ready to set off on our own miraculous adventures."

— Perdita Finn, co-author of The Way of the Rose: The Forgotten Earth Wisdom of the Rosary

"Saint Everywhere is a gem of a book—delightful storytelling, factually fascinating, and spiritually uplifting. The right book for this moment in time when so many are on their own journey looking for the good in the everyday. I'm a fan of the lady saints, and now I'm a fan of Mary Lea Carroll. Saint Everywhere is a comfort and an inspiration."

— Lian Dolan, Satellite Sister and author of Elizabeth the First Wife, Helen of Pasadena, and You're the Best

"Charming, funny, informative, moving and spiritually profound, this little book delights the soul."

— Michelle Huneven, author of Blame (a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award), Jamesland, and Round Rock



The publicity campaign for Saint Everywhere is underway, thanks to both 42West and Prospect Park Books. To arrange for an interview with or appearance by Mary Lea, please contact or call 626.793.9796.

You can also download the digital press kit (press release, Mary Lea's photo, and the book cover) by clicking here.

Illustration by Joe Rohde

Illustration by Joe Rohde